You Are Not Alone.
We’re in this Fight with You.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is never welcomed news; however, there are plenty of resources available to you to help you through your treatment. The Spokane Valley Cancer Center consists of a team of Cancer Care Experts who will help you find the best treatment option for your diagnosis and condition, while also offering needed support for both you and your loved ones.

Whether you’re interested in participating in the latest cancer research trials or are seeking out the most advanced forms of cancer treatment, we are here to guide and assist you along the way. Our team will work closely with your primary care physician as well as members of your treatment team in a mutual effort to find you the best cancer care available.

We're Here for You

If you are interested in discussing the various treatment options we provide, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Treatment is Only the Beginning.

The Spokane Valley Cancer Center was built to treat individuals, not just the cancer they have as stated by our director, Dr. Arvind Chaudhry:

Dr. Arvind Chaudhry Oncologist Spokane Valley Cancer Center


Featuring the Most Advanced Stereotactic Radio Surgery Center of Excellence in the Country.

Removing cancer without surgery.

Only at Spokane Valley Cancer Center will you find the latest cancer treatments, including the most advanced form of radiation therapy, the CyberKnife System. Our Spokane CyberKnife & Radiation Oncology Center offers non-invasive radiotherapy and radiosurgery that are great alternatives to traditional surgery.

  • Noninvasive and pain-free treatment
  • Sub-millimeter accuracy means limited- to no-side effects
  • Treatments completed in five days or less, compared to 45 days at other radiation treatment centers
  • CyberKnife is the only technology that tracks and treats tumors in motion while patients breathe naturally
  • SRS treatment offers new treatment options for patients with recurrent tumors, or for patients that have had previous radiation treatment